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for Mezzo Voice and Cello


Presented by Brooklyn Technical High School at Leonard Riggio Auditorium

Performed by Katerina Avvakumova and Bruno Robles-Rendón

Text from "Longing" by Paul Laurence Dunbar:

"If you could sit with me beside the sea to-day,
And whisper with me sweetest dreamings o’er and o’er;
I think I should not find the clouds so dim and gray,
And not so loud the waves complaining at the shore.

If you could sit with me upon the shore to-day,
And hold my hand in yours as in the days of old,
I think I should not mind the chill baptismal spray,
Nor find my hand and heart and all the world so cold.

If you could walk with me upon the strand to-day,
And tell me that my longing love had won your own,
I think all my sad thoughts would then be put away,
And I could give back laughter for the Ocean’s moan!"

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