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BRUNO ROBLES-RENDÓN (b. 2004) is a first-generation Mexican-American composer and cellist. His compositions, influenced primarily by minimalism, post-minimalism, microtonality, and modal jazz, have been played by ensembles including Mantra Percussion, the JACK Quartet, the Bergamot String Quartet, MACE, and the Mannes Orchestra. Bruno is the founder and artistic director of Notes After, a concert series in the Lower East Side dedicated to showcasing the voices of new emerging composers. He graduated from the prep program at the Mannes School of Music as an honors program composition student. Now he is continuing as a 2nd year undergraduate student studying under Mary Kouyoumdjian after studying with David T. Little and Christopher Cerrone.

Featured Video

Bruno Robles-Rendón's "The Forgotten Tower" performed by himself (Cello) and Nicholas Gioletti (piano) at Stiefel Hall on 4/18/2024

Music Composer

Recent Featured Work

for String Trio and Bassoon

String Quartet

for Cello, Prepared Piano, and Fixed Media

for Cello and Loops

Notes After

Bruno is the founder and artistic director of Notes After, a concert series that features fresh, innovative, contemporary-classical music by young emerging composers. The concerts are held at Francis Kite Club, a Lower East Side a collectively built space created for sociality, leisure, collaboration, debate, conversation, and play

Featured Analysis

Bruno makes videos on Youtube analyzing various music in extreme depth. All publicly available for anyone to see. His mission is to create the content he wished existed for a composer and student of music like himself.

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